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You come awake in the middle of the night;

Thoughts are running through your mind;

About life and days gone by;

About Free Range Chicken and bourbon and gifts galore…..

As your luck would have it, these things do have something in common….

A downtown eatery by the odd name of Odette that is dishing up meals using high quality, locally grown farm-fresh Alabama ingredients.  The owner Celeste Pillow and Chef Josh Quick have combined their talents to develop a “farm-influenced, innovative menu by marrying international flavors with regional flare and classic techniques.”

The front part of the restaurant has a varied selection of gifts for the giving and specialty items to spruce up your home.  There is even an informal sitting area if you have to wait for a table or you decide to sample of one of their signature bourbons and want to sit on a comfortable couch.

Being in historic downtown Florence, means the building has a life of its own, having hosted many businesses during it existence.  The eatery has an open and airy feel about it with the pressed tin tiles on the ceiling and the exposed bricks on the walls.  The décor could be described as simple but comfortable, like your favorite pair slacks that always feels just right when you wear them.  Odette’s is that kind of place.

From the free range chicken to farm raised Alabama catfish the menu is awash in dishes to suit anyone’s taste.  Additionally, Odette’s features a daily lunch special that also utilizes the farm fresh ingredientsodette-.

It was on a Tuesday when we visited Odette and Tuesday is buttermilk-brined fried chicken with green tomato chutney.  So we ordered up some of the fried chicken without hesitation ($ll.00 ea).  Debra got mixed spring vegetables and stewed beans and I chose the griddled potato cake and Napa cabbage slaw.

The waitress was prompt to bring our drinks and get the order into the kitchen while we waited with anticipation of good things to come.  We marveled at the huge display of bourbons and more, thinking to ourselves how does one choose from the many that are there.  If I were a bourbon drinking man, I could sit and contemplate what to choose next when my glass was empty and would become someone whom everyone would know my name.

It didn’t take long for our lunch to arrive and with three pieces of fried chicken and two side items the plates were full.  We attacked the chicken and while the outside was extra crispy (and a little on the burnt side), the meat on the inside was moist and tender.

The side were also a taste experience, the potato cake was lightly griddled and was creamy with a hint of spices and potato goodness.  The napa cabbage slaw was coarsely cut and seasoned well and added a wee bit of tartness to offset the taste of the fried chicken.odette-9752

Debra’s stewed beans were cooked to a good tenderness and her spring vegetables lightly steam to retain their flavor.

The waitress asked us about dessert, we considered ordering one, but really didn’t have room for it after the meal.  Maybe next time on the dessert or just go in for dessert.

I do wish that Odette’s had a larger glass for iced tea though, the ice in the small glass quickly melted and I had to ask for more ice.  And, they were rationing lemon, I always ask for lots of lemon and I got one slice and none with a refill that I finally got after my meal was complete.odette-9748

We do plan on going back and giving their house-ground beef cheeseburger a try and see how it matches up with my current favorite from Sweet Basil.

Odette on Urbanspoon

Buttermilk-brined-fried-chicken:7 Stars (7 / 9)
Griddled-potato-cake:8 Stars (8 / 9)
Napa-cabbage-slaw:8 Stars (8 / 9)
mixed-spring-vegetables:8 Stars (8 / 9)
Stewed-beans:8 Stars (8 / 9)
Average:7.8 Stars (7.8 / 9)

Credit cards: Yes
Catering Service Available: call
Outdoor dining: Yes
Recommendations: Daily Plate
Suggestions: Bourbon specials
Alcohol: Yes
Ambiance: Urban trendy
Service: pompt
Vegetarian Friendly: Yes
Price Range: $$
Health Score: 96
Smoke Free: Yes
Soft Drink Brand: Coke, fountain

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