J. Alexanders Restaurant – North Columbus’ Hidden Secret

J. Alexanders Restaurant – Columbus, Ohio


Our Visit….

Tucked in behind a Bob Evans restaurant, a J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steakhouse and with a Ruth Chris Steakhouse within throwing distance, J. Alexanders is in a tough market.  Even though there are several hotels and motels withing sight of J. Alexanders, they have to prove themselves with every customer that walks through the doors.

The evening we visited the Columbus J. Alexanders’ location we had been traveling since early that morning and we were tired and hungry for a good meal.  We didn’t recognize the J. Gilbert’s brand and didn’t want to spend the big bucks at Ruth Chris so we opted for J. Alexanders as we had visited some of their other locations in the past.

Our Order…,

When we entered J. Alexanders we were warmly greeted by the young ladies at the hostess stand and asked our preference of seating so we opted for a table.  Once seated, our waitress informed us of the specials, took our drink order and returned within a few moments with the drinks.  Then, she said she would give us a few minutes to read over the menu and select our evening meal.  We made our selections and signaled to her we were ready to order, I ordered Mr. Jack’s Crispy Chicken Platter ($17.00) which is chicken tenders deep fried using a South Carolina low country recipe for the batter, and came with french fries and coleslaw.jalexanders-

Debra ordered the Hyde Park Grilled Chicken breast with Monterrey Jack cheese and a Alex’s side salad ($5.00) with bacon, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and croutons.

We chatted while we waited and both of us did some social media updating.  It didn’t take long for our orders to be prepared and served to our table.  My Mr. Jack’s chicken plate had a great presentation and looked delicious, Debra’s Hyde Park chicken and salad also was well presented.   My chicken strips were lightly breaded and fried to just the right shade of golden brown and had a some crunch to them when I took a bite.  The fries were also spot on as well as the coleslaw.  Debra’s grilled chicken breast was also very tasty and tender.jalexanders-3


Very Best Chocolate Cake from jalexander.com
Very Best Chocolate Cake
Image from jalexander.com

After we finished eating our main course, we looked over the dessert menu and decided on the “Very Best Chocolate Cake” ($8.00) served with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream. When the desert arrived it looked great and tasted the same.  The rich chocolate flavor was superb and married well with the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream.  Truly a match made in heaven from our point of view.
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Our Recommendations….

The Brown Bag Review recommends you give J. Alexanders a try if you’ve never dined there before and if you have dined there before, then to pay them a return visit.  The food and service at the Columbus, Ohio location the evening we dined there was very good and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Our Overall Rating = 4 Stars

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