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Welcomes the Florence Foodie Group

Florence, Alabama – Recently we had the pleasure of dining at The Dish Gourmet Cafe for one of the monthly Florence Foodie Group events held on a Tuesday evening.  Since Dish Gourmet Café is normally open only on Friday and Saturday evenings for dinner, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves.

Marianthe Synder was the featured guest and painted a still life of  hydrangeas in a vase on canvas while we dined  The painting was later auctioned to the guests with proceeds going to The Dish staff for their service.  Thank you Marianthe for doing this.

The menu for the Foodie event was a summer salad with Apple Vinaigrette, Smoked Gouda & Caramelized Onion Pinwheels with Chicken and Southern Pecan bread pudding a la mode with Carmel bourbon sauce.

The summer salad was a mix of greens that teased the taste buds when combined with the sweetness of the Apple Vinaigrette.  The salad paired well with the main dish which consisted of two lasagna noodles rolled with chunks of tender chicken breast, smoked Gouda, caramelized onion and garlic sautéed spinach, then finished with a classic Alfredo and melted mozzarella sauce.

This was the first time that I had ever eaten at The Dish Gourmet Café and the Smoked Gouda dish is not something that I would normally order when dining out.  And, that’s the great thing about the Florence Foodie program, it offers you that opportunity to try new and different dishes to move outside your comfort zone.  I thoroughly enjoyed the dish and have it on my list to order again next time I go to The Dish Gourmet Café.

As to the dessert, it was to die for, the Southern Pecan Bread pudding with delicious with its rich pecan flavor and sweetness. Then, when the vanilla ice cream was added it gave it a flavor mixture that is further enhance with an almost smoky taste that comes from the Carmel bourbon sauce.  It is a flavor trio that is almost without words and should be nominated to Alabama’s list of “100 things to eat before you die.”  There was however one thing bad about the desert course, I couldn’t go back for seconds.  I guess I’ll just have to plan to go back to The Dish Gourmet Café again soon.

The Dish Gourmet Café & Catering is open for lunch Monday through Friday 11:00 – 3:00 and Friday and Saturday evenings 5:30 – 9:30 pm.  Reservations are always welcomed but not required.

There is ample parking close by with the Florence City Parking Garage just across the street, on street parking and a corner street level lot that is available in the evenings.

The Dish Gourmet Café and Catering is located at 118 W. Mobile Street in historic downtown Florence.  Their telephone number is 256.766.2414.

Wine is also available at Dish Gourmet Café

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Salad:9 Stars (9 / 9)
Entree:9 Stars (9 / 9)
Dessert:9 Stars (9 / 9)
Average:9 Stars (9 / 9)

Credit cards:   Yes
Catering Service Available:   Yes
Recommendations:   Homemade desserts
Suggestions:   Try it all
Alcohol:   Yes
Ambiance:   Bistro
Service:   Small town friendly
Vegetarian Friendly:   Ask your server
Price Range:  $$
Health Score:   93
Smoke Free:   Yes
Soft Drink Brand:   Coke, bottles

Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in this review are the honest opinions of the author, and who is solely responsible for its content. This opinion was not influence by any third party whatsoever. If and when you visit the reviewed restaurant your opinion may vary greatly. So as always YMMV!

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