Ribeye Steak

LongHorn SteakHouse – West Tex Cusine

Florence, Alabama… Before Debra’s upcoming surgery, we decided to go out for a nice quite Sunday evening dinner.  We chose Longhorn Steakhouse as our target and headed out.  At 4:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon things were quite and we didn’t have any trouble getting a seat, in fact if we’d had a party of […]

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Rising Crust Pizza and Hops – Pizza and Beer

Florence, Alabama… Recently a new Pizzeria opened out east on Florence Boulevard in the former location of  Swamp John’s Catfish next the Alabama ABC retail store.  We had passed by several times and then read on Facebook that they had opened.  We discussed visiting them sometime ago, but decided to let them shake out the […]

miss annies sign

Miss Annie’s Restaurant and Beer Garden

From the Cozy Killer Blog, reposted by permission St. Joseph, Tennessee… A friend called mid-week with a TGIF invite to go out for dinner. She had heard about a restaurant a few miles across the Alabama/Tennessee border called, MISS ANNIE’S. The only reason I knew about the place was because of my in-the-know hairdresser, Bobby. […]

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Pomodoro Ricetta Della Salsa

Pomodoro Sauce… While writing the article on Ricatoni’s Italian Grill, I was intrigued as to what  Pomodoro sauce was, so I consulted Uncle Goggle and discovered that it is a lot like marinara sauce only it’s thicker, but still liquidy.  In your mouth it should feel a lot like minced tomatoes rather than the chunks […]


BBQ Ribs – Spares or Baby Backs

  For the rub: Follow the recipe here:  Dry Rub for Pork For the ribs: Take ribs out of package and rinse them off well.  Using paper towels dry the ribs thoroughly. If you preparing Spare Ribs, then you’ll want to cut the flap on the back off, keep this flap because it will be […]


Dry Rub Recipe for Pork

Dry rub is used by all the major competitive barbecue cooking teams these days and in Memphis, which is the barbecue mecca, a good dry rub is the holy grail that all barbecue pit masters seek.  All pit masters have their “secret” recipe that if someone tried to steal it they could get some serious […]


Scalded A$$ Dog Hotsauce

Recently while eating at a barbecue joint in Hartselle, Alabama I tasted of a house-made hot sauce.  It literally would take the hide off of your tongue when you tasted it, it was just that good.  The Pig Stand BBQ’s name for it was “hot sauce,” my name for it was the Scalded A$$ Dog […]


Slugburger – Love’em or Hate’em

According to sources on the internet such as Wikipedia and other blogs and/or websites, the odd named hamburgers were concocted during the Great Depression of the 1930’s when both meat and money were scarce and almost non-existence for the working poor.  For many folks during the depression a biscuit with some lard on it was […]