NeSmith Jumbo Hamburgers – Moulton Landmark Since 1966

Hartselle, Alabama…
The hamburgers sold at NeSmith are similar to those sold by C.F. Penn’s Hamburgers in Decatur and Willie’s Burgers in Hartselle. All are of the doughburger or slugburger variety and each place has a similar recipe for the meat mixture. If you ask any of the owners for their recipe, be prepared to receive a good scolding as to you being too nosey

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Willie Burgers – An Acquired Taste

In the fast food burger game, burgers boiled in oil have their own following, Willie’s in Hartselle is one of the prime boiled burger joints in Alabama. Boiled burgers, more commonly called doughburgers or slugburgers are a throwback to times when working folks couldn’t afford to eat out often. By using meat extenders, restaurant could offer a good cheap alternative for families to eat out.


Pig Stand BBQ – Pig Out at Their Place

Hartselle, Alabama… When you think barbecue in Alabama, the city of Hartselle does not immediately come to mind as a hotbed of barbecue activity.  However, there is one location that is doing their best to put Hartselle on the map as a barbecue destination.  I’m talking about the Pig Stand BBQ which still today if […]

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Dry Rub Recipe for Pork

Dry rub is used by all the major competitive barbecue cooking teams these days and in Memphis, which is the barbecue mecca, a good dry rub is the holy grail that all barbecue pit masters seek.  All pit masters have their “secret” recipe that if someone tried to steal it they could get some serious […]


Scalded A$$ Dog Hotsauce

Recently while eating at a barbecue joint in Harselle, Alabama I tasted of a house-made hot sauce.  It literally would take the hide off of your tongue when you tasted it, it was just that good.  The Pig Stand BBQ’s name for it was “hot sauce,” my name for it was the Scalded A$$ Dog […]


Slugburger – Love’em or Hate’em

According to sources on the internet such as Wikipedia and other blogs and/or websites, the odd named hamburgers were concocted during the Great Depression of the 1930’s when both meat and money were scarce and almost non-existence for the working poor.  For many folks during the depression a biscuit with some lard on it was […]